St George Model Boat Club

Australia's premier radio control model boat club..


Introduction ..

Welcome to St George Model Boat Club, established in 1986, we are Australias premier Radio Control Model Boat Club..!
We sail at the Scarborough Park Model Boating Facility located at Scarborough Park, Monterey.The Model Boating Facility, is located on Barton Street.

We sail Sundays between 10am and 2pm Weather permitting..

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Sail SunDAY's

If you are just interested in having a look, or perhaps something different to show the kids one Sunday you are most welcome. Members are more than happy to show you their boats and discuss the hobby of model boating with you. St George Model Boat Club often run themed days for enuthisiasts, such as:

  • Warship Days - Scale Model Warships
  • Sail Boat Days - for the yachtsman in us all
  • Fast Boat Days - for the speed freaks
  • And many others......


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